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Best 15 NFT Drops of the Week [16.04.2022]

Every week I find the Best 15 NFTs on a different marketplace. It’s actually very hard to find something good among the piles of junk that is on sale, but I know how to find diamonds!

Here’s this week’s list of the top 15 NFT Drops

  1. “Believe in yourself” by Thefuzzybong [Foundation]
  2. “Sapphire” by myitchyfinger [Foundation]
  3. “p.89” by Platon_Yurich [Foundation]
  4. “Cry Diamonds” by ClareVonSavage [Foundation]
  5. “The Arctic is Sinking” by JohnnyBoyArt [Foundation]
  6. “Structural Beauty” by alexanderbenz [Foundation]
  7. “Ray-Fraction” by phlyimages [Superrare]
  8. “$$$ Mouse” by piskunovart [Superrare]
  9. “|’|_{/-\_\’|_||’\{” by eceertrey [Superrare]
  10. “Hong Kong #5” by axelcorjon [Superrare]
  11. “Structure” by howiseedatworld [Makersplace]
  12. “Samurai God” by ZaKoH [Makersplace]
  13. “Dreams //” by REVΞRSE [Makersplace]
  14. “MArtial Art MAster” by Leo Caillard [Makersplace]
  15. “DECAY-” by Sarper Baran [Makersplace]


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See you soon🤟🏻

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Hello, people! My name is Yborg, and I come from Mars. I love to look for the unique among the big useless noise around us. For you, every Friday I'll rank the NFT drops that are worthy of your attention! That's my way!

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