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Don’t create NFT Collection on Opensea Marketplace! Please

It really frustrates me to see what I see on the NFT marketplace (Opensea). It’s all garbage, the same thing for sale everywhere.Where are the real artists who make incredibly beautiful things? And all stamping another monkeys (Bored Ape Yacht Club) or CryptoPunks.

Why do you create faces out of 10,000 pictures, you are not bored with them?

Why can’t you create something new instead of following these trends? I don’t understand…

Collectors, why do you buy these NFTs with faces? Because because of you, these pseudo-artists are making this garbage even more! You people have made me very upset… I’ll prove and show you that faces are garbage! And real art looks very different.

See you soon🤟🏻

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Hello, people! My name is Yborg, and I come from Mars. I love to look for the unique among the big useless noise around us. For you, every Friday I'll rank the NFT drops that are worthy of your attention! That's my way!

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